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Last updated: June 10th, 2024

DRAGON 4 FLOWERS, Wise Tea Garden

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  As you know, some of the world's most stunning gardens can be found along the coastline of southern France's Cote D'Azur. From Monte Carlo to San Tropez, the dazzling French Riviera is peppered with gardens of all varieties. The names of some our Artisan Flowering Teas and their touching presentations in glass tea pots are inspired by the beauty of these gardens. Perhaps the most famous among them is the garden of the impressionist Renoir at his former home in Cagnes sur Mer outside of Nice. It takes about 10 minutes for an artisan to create one handcrafted tea piece. Many of artisanal tea operations are family run affairs. Children are taught the nuances of the family trade at a young age, and this cherishing environment helps to reach an incredible level of quality.

In order to fully experience the beauty of a flowering tea, it is essential that it must be brewed in a clear glass container. Upon infusing, the tea will float at the top and begin releasing air that will eventually see it gently sink to the bottom and open up to reveal its fragrant bloom.

Generally, there are between 60 to 80 individual artisanal teas per 500 grams (1.1 lbs). The weight of individual handcrafted and pressed/formed teas may vary quite widely since they are handmade.

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› Organic Chrysanthemum Relax
› Cote D'Azur Garden
› Delirium Blossom
› Dragon 4 Flowers
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› Organic Lu Mu Dan
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› Tiffany Rose Melody
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› Shelf life of nitrogen-flushed vacuum-sealed bags - 20-22 years.
› Expire date for all teas is between 2029-2037 guaranteed.

Ingredients from: Zhejiang Province, China | Grade: Formed Tea | Organic Certificate: QMI Organic Inc.
Cup Characteristics: Tea Coins, pressed detoxifying green tea (not blooming). Exceptional and rare tea. In addition being used as a relaxant, traditional Chinese health practitioners maintain that the Chrysanthemum flower also helps detoxify the blood, aids in sinus congestion, lower high blood pressure, sharpens vision and clears the mind. Ingredients: Luxury Certified Organic Green Tea, Organic Air Dried Chrysanthemum Blossoms. Infusion: Pale green with yellow hints.
100g - $21.68
400g (0.88lbs) pack - $86.73

Country of Origin: China, Fujian Province | Grade: Artisan Handcrafted Tea, Handmade and Hand-tied
Cup Characteristics: The show is phenomenal! Refreshingly light in the cup with dewy floral notes, this elegant green tea is the perfect tea to sip outside in the summertime. Ingredients: Luxury Green Tea, Amaranth and Marigold Blossoms. Infusion: Light, tending pale yellow.
One piece - $5.89
500g (1.1lbs) pack - $231.57

Country of Origin: China, Yunnan Province | Grade: Artisan Handcrafted Tea, Handmade and hand tied
Cup Characteristics: Once you try pouring boiling water over one of these firework shaped pods, you'll quickly see why the name Delirium Blossom is really the only one that fits. As the water hits the tea, the pod starts its life as a handful of Amaranth, Marigold and Osmanthus blossoms and some very tippy tea leaves from the highlands of Yunnan. This tea is about as far away from a supermarket tea bag as you can possibly get. The design is delirious, the green tea exquisite and lightly floral with a touch of dryness and astringent finish. Ingredients: Luxury Green Tea, Amaranth and Marigold Blossoms, Osmanthus Petals. Infusion: Yellow bright.
One piece - $5.89
500g (1.1lbs) pack - $231.57

Country of Origin: China, Yunnan Province | Grade: Artisan Handcrafted Tea, Handmade and hand tied
Structure: the petals of 4 flowers, wrapped up inside full leaves of fresh green tea. The leaf depicted the dragon's scaly skin while the flowers represented his treasure. Look at Dragon 4 Flowers Blooming Show » Cup characteristics: Light lavender notes wind their way through a floral bouquet and provide some depth and body to the early season green tea. The cup displays delicate, exceptionally fresh hints of grassiness that intertwine with the intricate mélange of the four flowers. Ingredients: Luxury Green Tea, Amaranth + Jasmine + Lavender + Chrysanthemum Blossoms. Infusion: Bright, golden infusion.
One piece - $5.89
500g (1.1lbs) pack - $231.57

Ingredients from: China, Zhejiang Province | Grade: Formed Tea | Manufacture type: Traditional handmade | Organic Certificate: QMI Organic Inc.
Cup characteristics: Extremely aromatic Tea Coins with a sweet scent of Fresh Lavender. These pressed leaves are a detoxifying Green tea. Exceptional and rare. From the moment you drop the pressed button of tea into your cup or teapot and infuse it, your senses heighten as the fragrant notes fill the air, the first sip beckoning a second. Ingredients: Luxury Certified Organic Green Tea, Organic Air Dried Lavender Blossoms. Infusion: Pale green tending yellowish.
100g - $21.68
400g (0.88lbs) pack - $86.73

Country of origin: China, Zhejiang | Grade: Artisan Handcrafted | Altitude: 1500-4500 feet above sea level
Cup characteristics: Lu Mu Dan was designed to represent the Wheel of Buddha - one of the oldest and most important Buddhists' symbols. In some remote villages of Zhejiang, there is a custom to turn the Lu Mu Dan wheel piece three times before brewing - once for hearing the truth, once for understanding the truth, and once for internalizing the truth. Having an extensive green tea flavour, this remarkable tea can definitely can be an excellent meditative companion. Ingredients: Luxury Certified Organic Green Tea. Infusion: Very pale with a touch of sunshine.
100g - $46.35
500g (1.1lbs) pack - $231.75

Country of Origin: China, Fujian Province | Grade: Artisan Handcrafted Tea, Handmade and hand tied
Cup characteristics: Soft rose notes and the aroma of freshly cut roses grace the cup. A perfect complement to early spring green tea. The creation of Tiffany Rose Melody tea was directly influenced by the work of Louis Comfort Tiffany, the American decorative artist famous for his rose glass lamps. A tea trader visiting China from America brought with him a Tiffany Lamp as a gift for the owner of the plantation he was visiting. One of the plantation's artisans became mesmerized by the beauty of the lamp and was so inspired by the colors emanating from it that he decided to create something of his own. Ingredients: Luxury Green Tea, Amaranth +Marigold Blossoms. Infusion: Pale green yellow.
One piece - $5.89
500g (1.1lbs) pack - $231.57

Country of Origin: China, Yunan | Grade: Pu-erh Orange Pekoe | Manufacture Type: Special pu-erh process, Hand crafted | Altitude: 1500 ft - 4900 ft above sea level
Cup Characteristics: Cup opens with notes of sweet orange, earth, and damp moss. Spectacular tea. Black Pu-erh undergoes a fermentation process in which the tea is processed and stored for a set period of time without being dried completely. The tea is usually either buried in the ground, stored in caves or under damp heavy tarps. As tea ferments and ages, it absorbs the flavor of the peel. Notes: Each Mandarin is individually wrapped. The orange peel is flash dried under high heat. Ingredients: Black tea Pu-erh style, Mandarin shell and mandarin pieces. Infusion: Tending burgundy red. * Before brewing, please remove tea from its mandarin shell.
One piece - $6.92
500g (1.1lbs) pack - $225.33



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