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Last updated: May 7th, 2024

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Canadian Ginseng root, farm grown in Ontario, air and sun dried. Since ginseng historically grew wild in the forest under a canopy of trees, farmed ginseng had to be planted under the mats to shield it from the sun (this of course, drove prices up). Today, Canadian ginseng is revered by natural health practitioners from over the world. It is said to prevent aging, relieve menopausal issues, reverse short-term memory loss, improve fertility, lower cholesterol and whole lot more. It is a true miracle of Nature.

Ingredients: Pure Canadian White Ginseng Root Chunks, Air and Sun Dried.
BB: AUG 25-2030
Price (CAD), 200g: $54.99
*Packed by Wise Tea Garden in resealable, flavour-retaining pouches.


GINSENG TEA, Wise Tea Garden   GINSENG TEA, Recipe © Wise Tea Garden®

Wash thoroughly, using a small brush, 4-5 medium size dried root chunks, put in a stainless steel pot (or your preferable one), cover with 1.5 L of cold or room temperature distilled water and bring to boil. Reduce heat to low, and simmer for about an hour. Drink hot or let it cool to room temperature. Keep leftovers in the fridge. Add ginseng's brew to your morning juice, smoothy, or lemon water. Remove peel from the cooked roots, finely cut or grind, and use in small amounts in a chicken stew, stir fries, soups, or please find a tasty recipe with Ginseng in Korean or Chinese cuisines.

Note: Maybe it could be a good idea not to drink ginseng tea more than 200ml per day. If you often have high blood pressure - up to 50ml a day. Consult a professional herbalist.



CANADIAN GINSENG ROOT CHUNKS. Photography © Wise Tea Garden.


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