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Pure chocolate chips with rich chocolate taste, made from 100% cacao, without any additives or emulsifiers. Sugar-free and no added sugar alternatives, soy lecithin-free. Grown by small-scale farmers in Peru. Fair trade ceritified. Organic certified by QAI. Ingredients: Organic Cocoa butter, Organic Cocoa mass.

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Price (CAD), 225g: $7.99



  ChocoSol® BEAN-TO-BAR CHOCOLATE is handcrafted in Canada from raw cacao beans sourced from small-scale Indigenous communities of Mexico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Ecuador. It is made fresh on a daily basis. ChocoSol® Cacao Beans are harvested naturally, sustainably, and ethically. Non-GMO and free from preservatives and additives, soy, gluten, and dairy. Store in a cool, dry place. Each bar is packaged in plant based, recyclable pouch.

› Ingredients, FOREST GARDEN VANILLA - 83% Cacao: Roasted cacao nibs, Raw cane sugar, Cacao butter, Vanilla pod.
› Ingredients, MON CHERRY D'AMOUR - 65% Cacao: Cacao, Raw cane sugar, Cacao butter, Vanilla pod, Sea salt, Organic: Sour Cherries + Apple Juice concentrate + Sunflower oil.
› Ingredients, CRANBERRY - 65% Cacao: Cacao, Raw cane sugar, Vanilla pod, Sea salt, Dried Cranberries, Organic: Apple Juice concentrate, Sunflower oil. *SEASONAL: Available through NOV-JAN.

BB: FEB 2025.
Price (CAD), 75g - 8 squares Bar: $8.00 /each
Price (CAD), CHERRY 75g - 8 squares Bar: $10.00 /each

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A delcious stone ground chocolate bunnies made from ChocoSol® 's best-selling Vanilla Sea Salt Chocolate - 65% Cacao. Raw cacao beans are sourced from small-scale indigenous communities of Mexico. Free of nuts, dairy, soy, gluten, additives and preservatives. Handcrafted in Canada. Packed in a resealable food-grade plastic pouches. These bunnies are pretty good sized and you could enjoy one for many days.

Ingredients: Roasted cacao, Raw cane sugar, Cacao butter, Vanilla pods, Sea salt.

BB: MAR 2025
Price (CAD), 100g : $8.99 /each

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*SEASONAL: Available through MAR-MAY.



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