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WISE TEA GARDEN® is a subsidiary Tea House of Irene & Mr. Sheep® Co., Toronto, Canada. We specialize in whole leaf deluxe certified organic and natural teas, and inventory more than 150 varieties of teas and tea blending components sourced all over the world. Raw Tea Origins: The world's most experienced, safest, reputable and ethical estates and regions of India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, China, Nepal, Sumatra, Java, and South Africa. About » Testimonials » What is New ? » Please find the List of our Tea Gems here » Some of them are available on a special order only, since they are a rare commodity.
🌱 Since Camellia sinensis is environmentally sensitive plant, all our Teas are lab-tested and have food safety / organic handling certifications. Each tea is sold with its Certificate of Origin. Certification: Organic Handling, Food Safety, Product Protection, Social Ethnos. All organic teas are HACCP, NOP, COR and/or EU organic certified. All teas are processed (selected, blended, sorted, etc.) and packed in Canada. Product of Canada.

Loose tea packaging: re-seal zipper stand-up pouches with window and tear notch, tin tie flavour-retaining glassine paper bags, vacuum sealed bags with tear notch and re-seal zipper, nitrogen-flushed vacuum sealed packs. The 100g Gift packs and corn fiber pyramid tea bags are available for some varieties of Black and Green teas. Shelf life /unopened: 20-22 years. Some of the formed and handcrafted artisan teas can be purchased by units/pieces. Matcha is sold in nitrogen-flushed vacuum sealed 200g packs, shelf life: 6-8 years.

At our Tea House, teas are priced per 50g and per nitrogen-flushed vacuum-sealed packs of various weights. Buying by packs, you always receive a discount on all Teas, Herbs and Tea Dressings. Free Tea Sample(s) are also included in your order as an extra. For orders over $350, an additional volume purchase discount applies.

Shipping is free for orders over $250.

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Our Tea House is mail-order. Orders are dispatched within 24 hours (Mon-Fri). Shipping couriers: Canada Post, FedEx. We ship within North America, to United Kingdom, Switzerland, Japan. If tea and coffee are not banned from importation into your country, please let us know », we would be glad to serve you. Regular delivery takes 1-2 business days within Toronto and GTA, 4-10 business days to the other provinces and United States (24-27 business days for US Territories). International Air - 7-18 business day. { Shipping Guide » }

Notification of order received is emailed from our Customer Service after order placement.
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  Overview: Returns, Exchange, Refunds, Credit Notes [Please find our Policies explained here »]
No returns for tea products. Tea accessories can be returned undamaged for exchange, or a 15% re-stocking fee is charged. An authorized return is accepted within 30 days of receipt. We are not responsible for misprints on pre-packaged tea labels. Special orders are accepted for a number of Penultimate Teas. Disclaimer: Packed weight of loose teas may change due to seasonal climatic variances. Please do not hesitate to contact us » should you have any questions.

🌱 NEWS: New Items, Updates, Industry News
Last updated: September 15, 2017

WHAT IS NEW? Photography © Wise Tea
NEW in September:
New Estate Black Teas are in our inventory: India (Sikkim) TEMI FTGFOP, Sri Lanka (Nuwara Eliya) COURTLODGE FBOP, and TARAJULIE ASSAM. New varieties of Decaffeinated Teas will be available in September. HUNAN RED OOLONG is expected within next few weeks. AYURVEDIC TOTAL BODY Wellness Tea will be re-stocked. Flavoured ROOIBOS will be re-stocked: Strawberry Tingle, Organic Peach Rooibos, Almond Amaretto Biscotti, Bourbon Street Vanilla and Creme Au Caramel by the end of September.

NEW in July:
July 24th: New varieties of ESTATE Black Teas from India Darjeeling and Sikkim Estates, and Sri Lanka Kandy are in stock. Everybody's favourite estate black KENYA KOSABEI and SRI LANKA LOVERS LEAP have been re-stocked.

NEW in May-June:
New varieties of ESTATE Teas arrived: Kenya MILIMA GFBOP, ORGANIC ASSAM TGFOP, and a few Himalaya Pure Land teas: Nepal ILAM TGFOP and Nepal JUNCHI GREEN. Kenya KISABEI TGFOP has been re-stocked.

FYI: KENYAN and NEPAL Teas are all natural and almost organic by default: They are grown on estates, which do not use pesticides or herbicides because pests that typically damage tea crops are not found at their high altitudes. Instead, the estates use nitrogen as a natural fertilizer making them almost organic by default.

BLUE COLOURED TEA? The content of Butterfly Blue Pea Flowers makes the infusion naturally Blue coloured with the notes of sweet vanilla custard!

According to Flavorman, the 2017 year beverage top flavour is TURMERIC. It is one of the trending flavours for 2017 among coconut, herbal essence and spicy accents.
Notice: never consume turmeric in a large quantity per intake and/or daily. In large amounts, turmeric can be toxic for your body. Normally, a half of a tea spoon is healthy.

A new growing market in North America: CASCARA, a coffee cherry tea (but actually, a fruit tisane). Cascara comes from the coffee plant and is the dried skins of coffee cherries. Its cup is fruity sweet with notes of rose hip, red current, cherry, hibiscus, and mango or tobacco!

Photography ©


  " I love tea and drink a lot of it. Part of my attraction lies in the simple act of making tea, of stopping my daily routine to boil water and watch the tea steep until the clear water turns any number of colours, from pale gold to amber to deep brown, depending on the type of the first sip! Tea is more delicate than coffee, infinitely more subtle than soda. It is the perfect beverage - one that can be drunk frequently and in great quantities with pleasure and without guilt. Tea, in all its complexities, offers a simultaneous feeling of calm and alertness, of health and pleasure. There is a tea produced in almost every region of the globe, and one to suit every part of the day and every mood."

Laura C. Martin, The Drink That Changed The Wold.
Please purchase online at »
TEA TUTORIAL, Overview »

  Buying any 3 varieties of loose teas, you also receive a free sample, 6 varieties - 2 samples, etc. The weight of each Tea Sample is between 6g to 15g. If you have the specific Tea Sample in mind, please let us know.
Please note: pyramid tea bags of loose teas we sell are made of corn fiber. No synthetic, no broken leaf, fannings or dust.

🌱 PLEASE ORDER FROM THE MENU: To explore our Tea Gems, please
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22 Days Frozen Oolong »
Adam's Peak White »
Alishan High Mountain Oolong »New Item
Assam, Organic »New Item
Blue Spring Oolong »
Castleton FTGFOP »New Item
Ceylon Tea, Organic »
Ceremonial Dragonwell Yixing »
Chinese Dragon Peaches »
Chrysanthemum Relax, Organic »
Cote D'Azur Garden »
Darjeeling, Organic »
Decaf Black Currant »New Item
Decaf Earl Grey »
Decaf Estate Darjeeling »New Item
Decaf Jasmine Green Tea Minhou »
Decaf Okazaki Mint Green »
Decaf Orange Spice »
Decaf Strawberry »New Item
Delirium Blossom »
Dragon 4 Flowers »
Dyraaba OP »New Item
Elephant Ivory Kenya White Matcha »
Ilam TGFOP »New Item
Imperial Keemun, Organic »
Imperial Rising Sun Gyokuro »
Irish Breakfast, Organic »
Jasmine Dragon Tears »
Jasmine Gold Dragon, Organic »
Jasmine Green Matcha, Organic »
Jasmine With Flowers »
Jun Chiyabari TGFOP »
Kenya Green Flamingo Matcha »
Kenya Silverback White »
Kenya White Rhino Matcha »
Kosabei TGFOP »
Lapsang Souchong, Organic »
Lavender Respond »
Lingia STGFOP »New Item
Lovers Leap Orange Pekoe »
Lu Mu Dan, Organic »New Item
Lumbini FBOPFEXS »
Milima GFBOP »New Item
Narcissus Oolong »
Nepal Junchi »New Item
Oolong Orange Blossom »
Orchid Oolong »
Oriental Beauty Oolong »
Osprey Gunpowder, Organic »
Pai Mu Tan, Organic »
Panda Pearls »New Item
Peach Osmanthus, Organic »
Pearl Green Matcha, Organic »
Pearl River, Organic »New Item
Peony White Needles »
Peregrine Mountain 1st Flush »
Pu-erh Mandarins, White »
Puttabong SFTGPOP1 »
Quangzhou Milk Oolong »
Queen's China Oolong »
Russian Caravan, Organic »New Item
Sencha Akaike, Organic » New Item
Sencha Kakagawa »
Silver Moonlight Wild White »
Silverback White »
Slimming Oolong, Organic » New Item
Soom TGFOP1 »
Super Fancy Formosa Oolong »
Sylvakandy »New Item
Temi FTGFOP »New Item
Tianmu Ming Dinasty, Organic »
Tiffany Rose Melody »
Volcano Flower Burst »
Xantou White Pu-erh »
Zomba Pearls »New Item

Almond Amaretto Biscotti Rooibos »
Ayurvedic Total Body Tea »
Bourbon Street Vanilla Rooibos »
Belgian Chocolate Rooibos »New Item
Cinnamon Rooibos »New Item
Creme Au Caramel Rooibos »
Green Rooibos, Organic »
Gynostemma »
Honeybush, Organic »
Linden Flowers »
Peach Rooibos, Organic »
Raspberry in Paris Rooibos »New Item
Roman Provence Rooibos, Organic »
Rooibos, Organic »
Rooibos Matcha, Organic »
Sleepy Lemon, Organic »
Sleepy Mint, Organic »
Strawberry Tingle Rooibos »
Winter Palace Marzipan Rooibos »New Item
Wellness Balance »
Wellness Energy »
Wellness Serenity »
Wild Rose Buds, Organic »
Yerba Mate Matcha, Organic »

Apple Pieces, Sun Dried »
Apricot, Freeze Dried »
Banana Pieces, Air Dried »
Bilberries »New Item
Calendula Petals »
Camomile »
Cinnamon Bark »
Citron Green, Hi^Antiox »
Elderberries » New Item
Hibiscus, Organic »
Hibiscus Fine Cut »
Jasmine Buds »
Jasmine Flowers »New Item
Lavender (French Super) »
Lemon Grass »
Lemon Peel, Organic »
Licorice Root, Organic »
Lime Leaves »New Item
Mango, Air Dried »
Orange Peel »
Osmanthus Petals »
Papaya, Air Dried »
Peach, Freeze Dried »
Pear, Freeze Dried »
Pineapple, Naturally Dried »
Raspberry, Freeze Dried »
Rose Buds & Petals »
Safflower Petals »
Spearmint, Organic »
Strawberry, Freeze Dried »
Tibet Wild Lavender »New Item
Wild Rose Buds, Organic »


Before you start to brew a tea purchased at our shop, please check the recommendations printed on the packing bag of each tea. They are specific to each variety, including water temperature and hot /iced brewing methods. For the best aroma and inviting colour of your cup we strongly recommend the use of mineralized distilled water, or at least freshly boiled filtered water, which doesn't contain a large addition of fluoride and has pH 7 or more (alkaline). Do not boil the same water twice.
The best quality tea is one that is hand plucked.
Tea contains polyphenols (catechins, anthocyanins, phenolic acids), tannin, minerals and vitamins. Polyphenols are tea compounds that act as antioxidants and are beneficial to health and a healthy diet. Please note: White, Green, Oolong, Wellness, and some of Black teas are high or ultra high in polyphenol antioxidants. They can also be either stimulating or relaxing. Please drink them in low to moderate amounts, do not overdose. Instead, try to replace an extra dose of caffeine with physical activities.
Do not mix Tea, including Herbal and Herbal Blending Components except Dried Fruits, with any beverage containing alcohol.
Do not wash inner parts of a teapot with any soap.
Store your teas in glass containers with a tight closer, in cool place and away from direct light, to maintain their freshness, full body, and aroma.
How To Brew: Heat water to boiling. Warm the teapot or an individual cup with a small amount of hot water. Toss out this water and then add the tea leaves to the teapot or cup. Pour boiling water over the tea ( for some teas, if recommended, cool the boiling water for a minute before brewing ). Enjoy your tea time!
Tea can clean the wounds and cuts, and prevent bacterial infection. Use strong tea infusion to wash the wound.
Tea leaves can absorb sweat when you sleep - dry the tea leaves after they were used and put them in pillows. You can also use tea as a foot bath to get rid of the smell and relieve the pain of gout.
Researches show that drinking one or two cups of mild tea after meals can help to break down the fat. It can also help you low the plasma cholesterol and prevent diabetes and arteriosclerosis.


  For more information, please visit Natural Standard: The Authority on Integrative Medicine »
Natural Standard was founded by healthcare providers and researchers to provide high-quality, comprehensive, evidence-based, peer-reviewed information about complementary and alternative medicine, including foods, herbs, supplements and natural therapies. Data analysis are performed by health care professionals conducting clinical work and research at academic centers.


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