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Last updated: June 4th, 2019

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Origin: Northern Philippines, UNESCO World Heritage Site. Direct Fair Trade, Lab-tested by Maxxam Analytics - Canada.

Level Ground® PURPLE RICE: A rare variety of Sticky rice. This violet-coloured rice is commonly used for savoury dishes or desserts. A healthy substitute for Sushi or Arborio white rice.
Level Ground® AROMATIC RICE: This Red whole grain rice is traditionally used for Filipino festivals. A great alternative for regular brown rice, pasta or barley. Great with steamed or stir-fried or baked in balsamic vinegar vegetables: fennel or endives + onion + carrot + red/orange peppers + zucchini + Chinese eggplant + garlic and spices: turmeric, curry, paprika, black or white pepper.
Level Ground® LONG-GRAIN RICE: Versatile and sweet Red rice with a mild flavour. It is a healthy substitute for everyday white rice dishes. Superbly tasty with scallops: On light-medium heat, sauté (cover with the lid) in avocado oil 1 small finely-cut organic onion and 1 grated organic carrot . Add 1 tsp organic turmeric, 1/2 tsp organic curry, pink salt and pepper to taste. Wash 200 g Long-Grain Rice, drain, add to the onion-carrot mixture and fry for 2-3 minutes stirring constantly. Pour water over the mixture to cover 2-3 cm above the rice. Add more salt, lower the heat (electric stoves - 4), cover with the lid, continue cooking. In a pan, on a medium heat fry 1 finely-cut organic garlic clove until slightly golden. Add scallops - 300 g, fry each side until opaque and soft. When rice is soft, add scallops, mix. *Optional: Add 50 g dried barberry. Cover with lid, turn off the heat, and leave on the warm stove for a few minutes to infuse.


Ingredients: Aromatic Rice - Whole Grain Heirloom Rice
Ingredients: Long-Grain Rice - Whole Grain Heirloom Rice.
Ingredients: Purple Rice - Whole Grain Heirloom Rice.

Price (CAD), 700g pack: $8.99 /each
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