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Last updated: July 2nd, 2020

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Please enjoy your favourite plain brew, or add more flavours to your cup by using spices. With a tiny pinch of freshly ground cardamom, you will get Cardamom Coffee - a playful and romantic bouquet in the cup. Add cardamom into just brewed coffee (seeds of 1 medium-large pod per 200ml cup). To make Vanilla Coffee, please add a half (or whole) of a
Vanilla Bean's 'caviar' (per 200ml). Coconut Coffee - add a 1/4 tea spoon of virgin unrefined cold-pressed Coconut oil, gently stir. Lavender Coffee: Add a pinch of Organic Lavender Blossoms, stir, infuse for a minute or two. Here is the recipe of The Most Delicious: Add a pinch of Organic Cardamom, a pinch of French Sapphire Blue Lavender, and 1 tea spoon of Organic Maple Sugar to a just brewed cup. Gently stir and infuse about one minute. NOTES: • Please note that the best temperature to brew a perfect cup of Coffee is 950C - just a bit lower than the boiling point of water. • Better not to add any spices with strong flavours or aroma such as cinnamon (unless it is Ceylon cinnamon), turmeric, peppers.

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Fresh-picked coffee cherries are directly traded from 400 small-scale farmers in the Los Yungas region, and then hand roasted in Victoria, British Columbia. Growing altitude: 1400 - 1800 meters above sea level. Harvest: May - August.

Medium Roast Profile: Rich and buttery, well-balanced cup with citrus and floral undertones, lingering hints of milk chocolate, and delicate, clean, caramel finish. Rich crema makes this coffee ideal for everyday enjoyment.

Ingredients: Organic Arabica Coffee Beans Grade A.
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Recipe and Ideas © Wise Tea Garden®

To achieve the most fragrant, buttery cup with less caffeine, brew Medium Roast Organic Bolivia in a similar way as a tea:
- Grind a small amount of beans finely into a powder, and put 2 teaspoons (2x15ml) into a cup (200ml).
- Boil fresh distilled water (the water should be fresh, not boiled previously). As soon as start to boil, remove from heat and let it cool for about 1.5-2 minutes (the temperature of water should be around 95℃).
- Pour the water over the coffee. Do not stir.
- Cover with a saucer, and wait patiently for about a minute.
- Remove saucer. Add freshly ground cardamom (seeds of 1 medium-large pod per 200ml cup) or please open a large cardamom pod, scoop seeds from the inside and add to the cup. Using a teaspoon slightly stir the brew, and enjoy the thick and rich in flavour coffee. Extra: Add 1/4 tea spoon of Organic Lemon Zest for a fully-balanced, superbly perfect cup. Add Granulated Maple Sugar if you wish.
  ORGANIC BOLIVIA WITH CARDAMOM IN A CLAY MUG. Mug is handcrafted in Mexico for ChocoSol®. Photography © Wise Tea Garden®.



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