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Last updated: January 15th, 2023

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Roasted Whole Beans Storage Notes: To keep 'bouquet' of your coffee fresh, please don't grind coffee beans in advance. Store in the original packaging with no air inside, in a cool, dark place. Please note that all varieties we sell are hand-roasted in small batches. Profiles may slightly vary from batch to batch depending on coffee beans' size and age, moisture content, crop year, and quantity of beans being roasted. Consume each pack within 4 months after opening.

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Available approx mid-MAR: Jumping Bean® Organic Turkish Coffee.


ChocoSol ® WHOLE BEAN ARABICA Medium Roast

ChcoSol WHOLE BEAN ARABICA   High altitude and a single origin arabica beans grown in the forest gardens of Oaxaca, Mexico. Sourced directly from Indigenous farmers' working communal lands, with coffee trees integrated into their traditional, regenerative agro-forestry systems. Coffee plants are grown using organic agriculture methods: with locally produced compost for fertility, biodiversity, and non-synthetic control to limit pests. These beans are great for cezves, coffee machines, and cold brew.

Profile: A full-bodied, superbly buttery cup with thick crema, bright and clear entry, intense flavour, caramel-chocolaty undertones with hits of hazelnut, clean coffee-liqueur and berry-tisane fragrant finish.

BB: JUNE 18-2023
Ingredients: Grade A Whole Arabica Coffee Beans.
Price (CAD), 454 g Pack: $15.99 /each


Medium and Vienna Roast Blend

ORGANIC WHOLE BEAN ARABICA   This unique blend combines Medium and Vienna roast beans - perfect for a morning cup. Great for coffee machines, any coffee-making devices as well as a Tokyo-style brew (made in a similar way as a tea). Since Vienna roast has more intensive flavour, these darker roasted beans add more taste and colour to the cup of Medium roast. Grown by small-scale farmers, roasted in the US. Fair Trade, Organic certified by Oregon Tilth.

Profile: Smooth and creamy, very well balanced with notes of raisin, butterscotch, almond, vanilla, cocoa nibs, dark chocolate, walnut, and brown sugar.

BB: Temporarily out of stock:
Ingredients: Organic Whole Arabica Coffee Beans.
Price (CAD), 340 g Pack: $13.99 /each



Decaffeinated and freeze-dried coffee made from a masterfully roasted blend of the finest Arabicas grown in Papua New Guinea, Peru and Honduras. With an advanced method involving only pure water and the chemically inert carbon dioxide found naturally in coffee berries, more than 99.99% of the caffeine was extracted preserving the depth and aroma of perfectly round, balanced, and silky taste of the roasted coffee beans. Made in Germany.

Profile: Combination of fruity depth and nutty subtleness with warm spice finish notes and silky taste.

Storage notes: Store in a cool, dry place.

BB: NOV 2024
Ingredients: Organic Arabica Coffee Grade A.
Price (CAD), 100g / 65 cups Glass jar: $16.99 /each


Recipe © Wise Tea Garden®

To make the most delicious Turkish Coffee, we would recommend to use Medium Roast. You will also need distilled water, a small copper cezve (1 cup - 250ml), Organic Maple sugar (optional) and ground organic cardamom.

- Put 25 g of finely ground beans in cezve. Add 10 ml of Maple sugar (optional) and a pinch (2g) of ground organic cardamom.
- Add 200 ml of fresh cold distilled water (the water should be fresh, not boiled previously). Stir well for a minute or so.
- Put cezve on a stove and heat slowly (on a medium heat, for about 4-5 min). As soon as starts to boil, remove from heat and stir a little bit, very gently.
- Heat again. As soon as just start to boil - remove from heat. Stir gently. And one more time: Heat, remove, and finally pour into a cup(s) - please don't stir this time!
- Cover the cup(s) with a saucer, let it brew a bit more for about 2 minutes.

Enjoy an awesome aroma and taste!
  TURKISH COFFEE IN COPPER CEZVE. Photography © Wise Tea Garden®.

Enjoy your favourite plain brew, or add an extra flavour by using spices. With a tiny pinch of freshly ground cardamom, you will get Cardamom Coffee - a playful and romantic bouquet in the cup. Add cardamom into just brewed coffee (ground seeds of 1 medium-large pod per 200ml cup), *optional - a tea spoon of Maple Sugar. To make Vanilla Coffee, please add a half (or whole) of a Vanilla Pod's caviar (per 200ml), and a tea spoon of Maple Sugar to taste. Coconut Coffee - add a 1/4 tea spoon of virgin unrefined cold-pressed Coconut oil or Coconut Cream, gently stir. As an option: Dust with dried shredded coconut, cover with saucer, steep for about one min. Lavender Coffee: Add a pinch of Organic Lavender Blossoms, stir, infuse for a minute or two. Here is the recipe of The Most Delicious cup: Add a pinch of Organic Cardamom, a pinch of French Sapphire Blue Lavender, and 1 tea spoon of Organic Maple Sugar to just brewed cup. Gently stir and infuse for about one min.



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