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🌟 Hi there! I Love love LOVE your decaf green tea and decaf early Grey and I was hoping to order more but I'm noticing now it's only showing ordering in really large quantities. Is it not possible to order 100g at a time anymore?
- Andrea, Niagara Falls

A: We care about freshness of our teas. Since there are more than 150 varieties of teas and herbs in our inventory, and some of them regardless of their exceptional quality and flavour are less popular than others for some reasons, we decided to increased a shelf life of our teas by selling them in multiples of 200g or in the nitrogen-flushed and vacuum-sealed packs of 500g with the shelf life of up to 22 years unopened. Some teas are available pre-packaged in 250g packs or packs of 50 Pyramid Tea Bags. The minimum we can supply is 200g per any Loose Tea.

🌟 After we started to drink your teas, it became hard to understand How It Was Possible for us to drink those teabags from grocery stores???
- Ioulia and Artem, Markham

🌟 I appreciate your quick response. My order was delivered today, thank you.
- Heather, Vancouver

🌟 Yes, My teas have arrived! Packaging+labels+aroma super! Thank you.
- Maria, Québec

🌟 Dear Sales Team, Thank you very much, you are so kind!!!
Have a lovely weekend!
- ProPolisPlus, Belgrade, Serbia

🌟 I really like your tea, and have waited now for more than a year to be able to make an international order again - so I'm very happy that it's possible again. Big thank you from Switzerland! Best,
- Joram, Switzerland

🌟 Super Tasty! Thank you!
- Sasha, Vaughan

🌟 I have previously ordered Kenya Kosabei black tea and I enjoyed it very much. I had read somewhere that teas from this estate have low levels of fluoride because of the altitude at which the tea plants grow.
- Audrey, Toronto

🌟 I ordered 3 decaf teas and LOVED them (so thank you!)
- Andrea, Niagara Falls

🌟 Hello again. I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the Silverback needles. It is really special tea. Thanks!
- Chris and Kayla, London ON

🌟 My tea samples arrived and i'm very happy! Will order soon. Thanks for all your help...
- Roman, Richmond Hill

🌟 Thank you very much! I want to wish you happiness this holiday season and all the best in the new year! Merry Christmas!
- Christina, Toronto

🌟 Your Cream Earl Grey is a tea of my dream. I sip a dream! Thank you!
- Clara, London ON

🌟 Dear Wise Tea Garden, Thank you for the delicious tea, which arrived yesterday. Very best wishes,
- Magda, United Kingdom

🌟 I'm really impressed with your attention to customer service and I can't wait to try the teas.
- David, Toronto

🌟 Thank you very much for the tea! I've been looking for a quality matcha for a long time.
- Candy, London ON

🌟 I purchased some of your natural tea. I never knew that tea could taste so good. It was by far the best tea I have ever had!
- Patricia, Wisconsin

🌟 I bought my "Maple Tea" a few weeks ago and I love it. Thank you sooooooooo much!!
- Kerstin, BC

🌟 Dear Sirs, I have purchased some ice wine and found that it was so so good! The best best tea I have ever had!
- Betty, Vancouver

🌟 I bought your Organic Earl Grey and fell in love with it.
- Carolyn, Florida

🌟 My friend served me a cup of your Kyoto Cherry Rose today, and I've never tasted anything like it! It was fabulous!
- Kari, MI

🌟 Thank you very much for researching this for me. It's very kind of you. I will be ordering some more soon. By the way, as a knitter with a thing about sheep, I love your company name, and the Wise Tea Garden is beautiful too. Thank you also for shipping to the UK, not common practice, it seems! Best wishes,
- Magda, United Kingdom

🌟 Hello, I am a Naturopathic Doctor. About 6 weeks ago, I ordered 200g of the decaf jasmine Green Tea Minhou and was very happy with it. I would like to bring more of this tea at my clinic.
- Sarah, Ontario

🌟 I have recently purchased your Vanilla Cream Tea AND LOVE IT.
- Linda, New Jersey

🌟 I am especially fond of your "monks blend". A sincere tea lover,
- Barbara, New Jersey

🌟 I had your Cream Earl Grey Tea and thought it was the best tea I have ever had. Thank you,
- Cynthia, Massachusetts



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