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Last updated: February 5th, 2019

🌟 After we started to drink your teas, it became hard to understand how it was possible for us to
drink those teabags from grocery stores?
- Ioulia and Artem, Markham

🌟 I appreciate your quick response. My order was delivered today, thank you.
- Heather, Vancouver

🌟 Yes, My teas have arrived! Packaging+labels+aroma super! Thank you.
- Maria, Québec

🌟 Dear Sales Team, Thank you very much, you are so kind!!!
Have a lovely weekend!
- ProPolisPlus, Belgrade, Serbia

🌟 I really like your tea, and have waited now for more than a year to be able to make an international order again - so I'm very happy that it's possible again. Big thank you from Switzerland! Best,
- Joram, Switzerland

🌟 Super Tasty! Thank you!
- Sasha, Vaughan

🌟 I have previously ordered Kenya Kosabei black tea and I enjoyed it very much. I had read somewhere that teas from this estate have low levels of fluoride because of the altitude at which the tea plants grow.
- Audrey, Toronto

🌟 I ordered 3 decaf teas and LOVED them (so thank you!)
- Andrea, Niagara Falls

🌟 Hello again. I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the Silverback needles. It is really special tea. Thanks!
- Chris and Kayla, London ON

🌟 My tea samples arrived and i'm very happy! Will order soon. Thanks for all your help...
- Roman, Richmond Hill

🌟 Thank you very much! I want to wish you happiness this holiday season and all the best in the new year! Merry Christmas!
- Christina, Toronto

🌟 Your Cream Earl Grey is a tea of my dream. I sip a dream! Thank you!
- Clara, London ON

🌟 Dear Wise Tea Garden, Thank you for the delicious tea, which arrived yesterday. Very best wishes,
- Magda, United Kingdom

🌟 I'm really impressed with your attention to customer service and I can't wait to try the teas.
- David, Toronto

🌟 Thank you very much for the tea! I've been looking for a quality matcha for a long time.
- Candy, London ON

🌟 Peach Rooibos! I just inhaled 3 mugs of this tea. It was great!
- Mike, Virginia

🌟 I purchased some of your natural tea. I never knew that tea could taste so good. It was by far the best tea I have ever had!
- Patricia, Wisconsin

🌟 I bought my "Maple Tea" a few weeks ago and I love it. Thank you sooooooooo much!!
- Kerstin, BC

🌟 Dear Sirs, I have purchased some ice wine and found that it was so so good! The best best tea I have ever had!
- Betty, Vancouver

🌟 I bought your Organic Earl Grey and fell in love with it.
- Carolyn, Florida

🌟 My friend served me a cup of your Kyoto Cherry Rose today, and I've never tasted anything like it! It was fabulous!
- Kari, MI

🌟 Thank you very much for researching this for me. It's very kind of you. I will be ordering some more soon. By the way, as a knitter with a thing about sheep, I love your company name, and the Wise Tea Garden is beautiful too. Thank you also for shipping to the UK, not common practice, it seems! Best wishes,
- Magda, United Kingdom

🌟 Hello, I am a Naturopathic Doctor. About 6 weeks ago, I ordered 200g of the decaf jasmine Green Tea Minhou and was very happy with it. I would like to bring more of this tea at my clinic.
- Sarah, Ontario

🌟 I have recently purchased your Vanilla Cream Tea AND LOVE IT.
- Linda, New Jersey

🌟 I am especially fond of your "monks blend". A sincere tea lover,
- Barbara, New Jersey

🌟 I had your Cream Earl Grey Tea and thought it was the best tea I have ever had. Thank you,
- Cynthia, Massachusetts



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